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Flexible Security for Every Industry, Role and Workflow

Regardless of your department and individual role, Cirius helps you enhance productively, share information and obtain e-signatures and approvals easily and securely.

From regulated to unregulated, healthcare to finance, or enterprise to SMB, Cirius helps organisations share, secure and control information.

Cirius secures and facilitates information workflows within emails, web forms and in other web-based applications.

We make it easy for your business to:


information and improve productivity with efficient one-click encryption, large file transfer capabilities, secure e-signatures, APIs and secure web forms.


messages for automated, real-time visibility into email activity, such as when emails and attachments are opened, forwarded, etc.


whether messages can be forwarded or printed, set expiry dates and recall emails at any time.


Cirius’ rapid large file transfer capability allows you to quickly share large files up to 5GBs and have real-time knowledge of when and how the information was received. Large files sent through Cirius won’t clog inboxes.


with regulations through data residency and jurisdiction of choice, encryption and data retention for e-discovery.


documents using Secure E-Signatures directly within emails and other workflows.

Any User. Every Device. We’ve Got You Covered.

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Cirius automatically extends the same security tools to all mobile devices through our security apps for ioS, Android, Windows 10 and Blackberry 10. With an intuitive user interface as well as Secure e-Signatures and large file transfer capabilities, Cirius helps you conduct business easily from anywhere.

Turn your email into the powerful secure information platform it should be.

For Your Eyes Only (F.Y.E.O.)

Optional F.Y.E.O. password protection for maximum security and privacy.

Advanced message controls

Unique controls to lock content, prevent message replies, and forwards.

Real-time tracking

Track and prove when an email is received, read, replied or forwarded.

Complete Message Recall

Instant retraction of messages and attachments even after the message has been read.

Send and receive large files

Securely send, receive, track and control any-size file attachments directly within MS Outlook.


Policy-based DLP is deployable and is compatible with the native MS Exchange DLP.

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Why companies use our products:


Leon Bentham

Head of IT, JKR

Security is a key benefit. With some other data transfer services you don’t know where your content is going, who has your files or how long they will stay up there.


Ian Caldwell

Head of Technical Delivery, Top Right Group

A real draw for Top Right Group was Maytech’s ability to move millions of files between geographical locations quickly and securely.



Craig Bennett

Marketing Manager, ID&C

Swapping to Maytech has been a no-brainer. It’s given us a reliable and secure corporate file transfer solution that our customers can trust and our competitors don’t know about.